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Premiere of Ancient Lives on the Nile

I have finally completed the first episode of Ancient Lives on the Nile, Egyptianizing and Othering. I've set it up as a premiere if you want to live chat with fellow viewers and enthusiasts. Please see the information below.

JULY 9 at 5:00pm EDT - YouTube Premiere

Episode 1 of Ancient Lives on the Nile


Follow this link to the watch page:

This trailer will play on loop until 2 minutes before the video, when there will be a 2-minute countdown and then the video shall start! You can chat live with fellow viewers. If you miss the premiere, that's ok. The video remains on YouTube just like any other video. You can set a reminder on this video BUT if you prefer something more reliable to remind you via email, I made an eventbrite ticket for you. You can get your "ticket" here:

Note: it is NOT required to get the's only there to remind you of the event.

Ancient Lives on the Nile is a series of 30-minute thematic videos about ancient Egypt. Inspired by television documentary formats, specifically Mysteries of the Bible from the 1990s, this series incorporates narrations, interviews, and readings from ancient sources (in translation). This series aims to interest the general public and scholars alike, as well as to grow and include interviews with other scholars for well-rounded perspectives concerning ancient Egypt. Furthermore, the series intends to present ancient Egyptian personhood, focusing on interpersonal relationships and the Egyptian voice.

Find a list of further reading here.

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