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Site Updates

I have restored the Shop on this website, including my silly Redbubble designs as well as links to publications that I think are great for non-scholars (and scholars!), such as the two issues of Ancient History and Ancient Warfare magazines I've written articles for. More will follow as they are published -- they are waiting in the wings! Publishing stuff takes a long time, so things will pop up there slowly.

I've also reinstated my Ko-fi shop in case anyone wanted to drop a tip or donation for my YouTube work. My Paypal is also still available. Ko-fi page can be found here. You can also find both the Ko-fi link and my Paypal on the Contact & Donate Page. I'm still trying to put my Ko-fi page together into something that looks welcoming, so that's a work in progress.

For my own sanity and to be more navigable, I made individual pages for Ancient Egyptian Object Stories and Mesopotamian Object Stories. A new Object Story has been posted on YouTube, about cats! Expect two more videos by the end of April for a "thing" I'm doing in partnership with some people.

I've also got a conference coming up in April, so I'll be stateside soon! If you're an ARCE member and you're going to the annual meeting in Pittsburgh, be sure to say hello! I get a little startled when people approach me based on being "a fan" (lol), so bear with me if I'm an anxious weirdo. Still waiting on decisions to another conference I submitted to, so fingers crossed on that one! And I am currently writing two articles that are due very soon. This is all on top of my full-time work, so color me very tired!

Thanks for your support!

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