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Obduction walkthrough guide

If you're a fan of adventure games, be sure to check out Cyan's game Obduction, released in 2016, and available on PC, Mac, and PS4! And if you get that game, make sure also to get my Cyan-approved solution guide and art book. This solution guide will take you through Obduction, a game from the creators of Myst and Riven. It includes 135 full-color images, 14 full-page images, 5 two-page spreads, diagrams, detailed maps, backstories, reproductions of important documents, alternate endings, additional content, step-by-step tutorial for understanding the alien number system, and a quick guide. Make it home.

Purchase from Lulu Press!

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I'm an #archaeogamer

Inspired by the current trend in academia called archaeogaming, this design, "I'm an #archaeogamer" allows academics in fields of ancient studies get their nerd on without shame! I can say that because I'm one of them! So far available black-and-white and pink. I hope to add more colors if general interest grows! Available on over 30 products!

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Game like an Egyptian

Check out my first design on Redbubble: "Game like an Egyptian". It complements my video series, "Egyptologist plays Ancient Egypt video games" and also plays on that "Walk like an Egyptian" song. Dorky? Totally! But that's what makes it great! The blue background is inspired by the ancient Egyptian pigment "Egyptian blue", which was popularly used as a glaze for shabti figures and jewelry. The image is modeled after the famous scene of Nefertari, Ramesses II's wife, in her royal tomb playing senet, one of ancient Egypt's board games. The game was not just for fun, but also had religious significance -- almost everything did! A full senet board was discovered in King Tutankhamun's tomb!

In this image, the queenly figure has discarded senet in exchange for a gaming laptop, a HOTAS (because she goes all in), and the best quality headset her wealth could buy. The design is available on all kinds of merchandise, so you can show your support with almost anything from drinking your morning (or late night?) coffee, to carrying around your own laptop, and even decorating your home -- and decorating yourself! 

Shop for products with this design here.

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I found it was a Snake

This Redbubble design has two types: text only and text + snake. The design is the hieroglyphic text of a small part of the story: the Story of the Shipwrecked Sailor. This story was probably composed during the Middle Kingdom, and originally was written in hieratic rather than hieroglyphs. The text is my favorite part in the story. A sailor, the lone survivor of a shipwreck, washes up on a magical island and encounters a giant snake who saves him. This part of the text is when the snake first arrives, with a body of gold and eyebrows of lapis lazuli. The hieroglyphic text is accompanied by some lines written in transliteration, the universal script Egyptologists use to translate and discuss the ancient Egyptian language. These transliterations are accompanied by their English translations. The blue, slightly different from the blue used in the "Game like an Egyptian design", is meant to evoke the Great Blue-Green, wadj-wer, which was the ancient Egyptian word for the Mediterranean Sea and other large bodies of water. The story is supposed to take place south of Egypt, though. Wadj-wer also appears in the design's text.


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