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Mesopotamian Object Stories


Mesopotamian Object Stories is a series of videos, each under ten minutes long, that showcase one or a group of object(s) from ancient Mesopotamia and Western Asia. These videos aim to quickly educate the viewer about aspects of ancient Mesopotamian history, art, archaeology, and culture. If you're someone who like Mesopotamia but don't have a lot of time to study it all day, these videos are definitely for you. For those who are interested in further study of the presented objects, bibliographies are provided. For Egyptian Object Stories, please select from the main menu or click here.


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Episode 1: Sumerian Votive Statues

Episode 2: Pazuzu (coming soon)

Episode 3: Idrimi, King of Alalakh (coming soon)

Episode 4: Lamassu (coming soon)

Episode 5: The Pedestal of Tukulti-Ninurta (coming soon)

Episode 6: Gudea, the Priest King (coming soon)

Episode 7: The Vulture Stela of Eannatum (coming soon)

Episode 8: The Votive Statue of Lu-Nanna (coming soon)

Episode 9: Kudurru (coming soon)

Episode 10: The Standard of Ur (coming soon)

Episode 11: Queen of the Night (coming soon)

Episode 12: Humbaba (coming soon)

Episode 13: The Codex of Hammurabi (coming soon)

Episode 14: The Stela of Naram-Sin (coming soon)

Episode 15: Zimri-Lim's Palace Paintings (coming soon)

Episode 16: The Black Obelisk (coming soon)

Episode 17: Sargon II's Palace Reliefs (coming soon)

* Bibliographies available here.

Mesopotamian Object Stories
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Sumerian Votive Statues - Episode 1 - Mesopotamian Object Stories

Sumerian Votive Statues - Episode 1 - Mesopotamian Object Stories

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