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Partnership announcement

I am pleased to announce that I am now a partner of Save Ancient Studies Alliance (SASA), joining other partners who are all advertised on Port Ancient. Port Ancient brings together several content creators who focus on the ancient world. Content includes YouTube videos, podcasts, Twitch streams, and databases, all with the aim to improve education in ancient studies for mainstream audiences and for people who would like to enter academic fields in the study of the ancient world.

With SASA, I have been able to co-lead a summer reading group of ancient Egyptian literature in translation, as well as assist in the creation of learning modules for middle school teachers which incorporates archaeogaming as a learning tool. It's a real privilege to be involved in SASA's exciting ventures in digital scholarship.

Be sure to register for their upcoming virtual conference, "Opening the Ancient World", a collaborative event with Digital Hammurabi, that showcases the excellent work of scholars, both independent and institutionally affiliated. Register here.

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