Ancient Egyptian Object Stories


Ancient Egyptian Object Stories is a series of videos, each under ten minutes long, that showcase one or a group of object(s) from ancient Egypt. These videos aim to quickly educate the viewer about aspects of ancient Egyptian history, art, archaeology, and culture. If you're someone who like Egypt but don't have a lot of time to study it all day, these videos are definitely for you. For those who are interested in further study of the presented objects, bibliographies are provided.


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Episode 1: Predynastic Pottery (click here for bibliography)

Episode 2: Statue of Ankhnesmeryre (click here for bibliography)

Episode 3: Perfect Pairs (bibliography not available)

Episode 4: Bracelet Plaques of Amenhotep III (bibliography not available)

Episode 5: Coffin of Nakhtkhnum (click here for bibliography)

Episode 6: The Canopic Jar of Kiya (click here for bibliography)

Episode 7: The Cippus of Horus (click here for bibliography)

Episode 8: The Stela of Abkau and the Osiris Festival (click here for bibliography)